Russia Identifies Vegas Shooter As CIA Pilot

[Zurich Times – October 23, 2017]

The Las Vegas coverup is akin to the JFK Assassination coverup.

Just as they were able to keep documents secret for almost 6 decades under the veil of secrecy and under the cloak of National Security so too it appears here with the case of the CIA Operation in Las Vegas.

Because the Powers and Principalities that plot and plan such attacks know that the news cycle is very short and our attention spans are very short and our outrage also lasts for a very short time and therefore time is a real killer.

This Russian Intelligence Assessment is from October 5, 2017 and they knew back then just a few days after the attack that this Operation was CIA sponsored and supported and now a few weeks later we have even more confirmation with the Linkage between the CIA, Las Vegas, Paddock, Danley, and the Philippines now all becoming clear.

October 23, 2017 updated assessment;

The ISIS Attack on the Philippines, the CIA gun runner with the help of CIA Pilot and Gun Smuggler Stephen Paddock and his local aide MaryLou Danley, is now becoming more clear and therefore the reasons for the coverup are also now becoming much more clear.

One question that nobody seems to be asking is where is this mysterious lady CIA Operative Spy or Double Agent called MaryLou Danley?

We finally found Jesus on the Ellen Show, but where and when will this lady show up? Is she under arrest? Is she free to leave the country? What is her status and what was real relationship with Paddock? So many questions and so few answers.

As our memories fade so too does our outrage over time. Time is a real killer of memories and emotions. Time heals because we forget and move on to other things and other states. They are counting on that, but will this Las Vegas ending be different from the JFK outcome?

We finally have some closure with the JFK case now with the upcoming release of 3000 documents that have been hidden for decades.

Will they be able to hide the truth from Las Vegas for another 6 decades again?

Udo Ulfkotte speaking about the CIA and its control of the Media.