Bitcoin StarCash Update: Masternodes Rising – October, 2017

[Zurich Times – October 23, 2017]

We have been reporting on the StarCash Bitcoin for a few months now and wanted to provide an update. StarCash Bitcoin will be launching a new Masternode Program soon.


This news comes on top of their recent listing on the Nova Exchange under the BTC_STAR Symbol.

In a matter of 3 months StarCash Bitcoin has gone from a vision to a reality.

Perhaps it was written in the Stars or in the Star Charts?

With this listing on Nova Exchange StarCash Bitcoin becomes one of the approximately more than 1200 other CryptoCurrencies that are in the Market today.

It is obviously a crowded space, with Bitcoin dominating the Market with approximately 50% of the Market Share and a price that is more than 10x it closest rivals. So there has to be further analysis of the other 50% of the Market.

And that is where a new CryptoCurrency like StarCash Bitcoin walks in and shakes up the whole space.

Because it has been with coins that can be Mined and which has Masternodes Programs that have seen the fastest rise in prices and fortunes for their developers, creators, and community members.

The steps StarCash Bitcoin CryptoCurrency has taken from the beginning indicated that things would be different here;

They started with the purpose of being different from other CryptoCurrencies by sticking to Principles of a New Market for the Post Banking World that Roger Ver aka Bitcoin Jesus talks about.

They started with an Auction rather than an ICO.

They then went onto release a Revolutionary video that called the CryptoCurrency Community to Action.

Now a Masternode Program and soon to be followed by a Reloadable Debit Card option.


Once they are able to break into the Micro Payment Market using CryptoCurrencies then the Sky is the Limit for such Coins in the BlockChain Universe.

Let us not forget that StarCash Bitcoin was born of the Stars, but it was also born of the Bitcoin because is an Bitcoin Core and Cash Hybrid based on the X11 Algorithm. And as Roger Ver, stated recently he seems to believe in Bitcoin Cash more even though its price is $300 BTCC vs. $6000 for BTC.

As we can see that Price is the not the Prime Factor. There are other Factors that make Coins special.

Your Purpose, your Principles, your Core Team, your Core Goals all make a difference and in the making of StarCash Bitcoin we are sensing a contender in the crowded CryptoCurrency Universe.

What is StarCash?

StarCash is a peer-to-peer currency that offers freedom from central banking control. It provides an opportunity to join a global payment network that is fully Decentralized while earning attractive returns. We offer a way forward for people who seek growth and advancement through the use of CryptoCurrency technology.

If you wish to join the StarCash Masternode Program follow this link to their Slack Channel.