Details about the Multiple Las Vegas Paddock Family Businesses

[Zurich Times – October 24, 2017]

The Las Vegas Attack by the Patsy Stephen Paddock gets stranger and stranger as the days pass.

With this video by the Crowdsource the Truth Investigators reveals that the Paddock family not only were High Stakes Gamblers, but they were also in the Shipping and Logistics Business, the Real Estate Business, and then of course there is alleged Gun Running Pilot Business as well it seems that the Russians and others are pointing out.

Rounders Logistics

The Crowdsource the Truth Investigators have a lot of similarities between the Awan Brothers Ratlines and their Multiple Family Businesses also in Transportation as in Used Cars Dealerships and Shipping Companies for again the alleged Laundering Money and Movement of Money outside the traditional Banking system.

The use of Casinos to Launder money is a well known fact that just recently there was a case of a little Casino in ChinaTown in British Columbia, Canada that was laundering $300 Million worth of funds from Canada to China and other locations.

[Vancouver Sun] In a raid on Silver International’s office in October, 2015, civil forfeiture documents allege, Mounties seized over $2 million in mostly $20 bills, plus ledgers and daily transaction records. Ledgers suggest that in only one year, Silver laundered $220 million in cash in B.C., and sent over $300 million offshore, according to Ward.

B.C. gaming enforcement branch documents say that information revealed by the RCMP’s investigation into Silver and funding of gamblers at River Rock Casino led them to suspect funds are tied to “transnational drug trafficking … (that) could have a potentially devastating impact on the casino industry.”

And again here we have the use of a Canadian Logistics Company called Paddock Transport International to move items to and from one country to another without anyone asking too many questions because it is only Canada and who cares about what is coming from Canada, it is either Wood or Maple Syrup.

How convenient for the CIA to have such a willing Patsy like Canada and its numerous Casinos.




Let us also not forget the the Security Guard guarding the missing/in hiding Jesus Campos known as Troy Goff is an alleged Embalmer in the Funeral Service Business which is again known to be one of the businesses that is used in the Drug Smuggling Ratlines that George Webb and Crowdsource the Truth Investigators have been focusing on for the past few months.

All of these Meta Data is pointing to the usual CIA Air America and American Gangster type of Operation. Hollywood told us the Truth years ago, but we just were not paying enough attention.

Here is a 2 Minute Summary worth watching;

[Wikipedia] Air America was an American passenger and cargo airline covertly owned and operated by the US government between 1950 and 1976. It was used as a dummy corporation for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operations in China. The CIA did not have enough work to keep the asset afloat and the National Security Council farmed the airline out to various government entities that included the USAF, US Army, USAID and for a brief time France. Essentially, Air America was used by the US government covertly to conduct military operations, posing as a civilian air carrier, in areas the US armed forces could not go due to treaty restraints contained in the 1954 and 1962 Geneva Accords.

Notice the odd similarities here with the Air America and the Gary Webb Case. Two bullet wounds to the head which is ruled as a suicide after he uncovers a giant CIA drug running case in Los Angeles instead of Las Vegas and Gary instead of George Webb. It is also the story of a CIA funded Pilot running drugs and guns in Asia the movie matches the real life case and vice versa.

It was the Usual Suspects doing their Usual Criminality using Pilots and Dummy Shipping Companies. Nothing has changed much from the 1960s?

In case that story is too old for the younger readers, then perhaps the remake of the Air America story by Tom Cruise called American Made which was released this year in September 2017 might be more appropriate? What is the story of American Made? A Pilot is hired by the CIA to run drugs, what else would it be?

It is Kosher no matter what “it” is when the “Good Guys” do “it” remember that boys and girls.