Jesus Campos fled to Mexico before or after Shooting?

[Zurich Times – October 25, 2017]

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson is now reporting that Jesus Campos fled the country or was not even in the country as in not even in Las Vegas or Mandalay Bay on the day of the Shooting?

The TimeLine has changed several times and perhaps now they will also change the Actors and Suspects involved?

The level of Deception and Fraud that the FBI and CIA are trying to weave here is either a new level of Incompetence of a new Level of Deceit?

If people are wondering what does a Crisis Actor looks like then here is a short glimpse.

The Organization that brings such productions to life are called Crisis Solutions which does not shy away from its Cloud Based Computer System.

To get the latest on the Las Vegas Shooting Investigation being conducted by Citizen Journalist follow the work of Bill Stills and Jake Morphonios.