Putin Sounds Alarm After Hillary Clinton Deal For Russian Masterspy “N” Nears Total Exposur

[Zurich Times – October 26, 2017]

Another SVR report from the Russians who are now fearing Blow Back from their Collusion or Bribery with the Russians while the Obama/Clinton Cabal was in Power back in 2010 and onwards. It is a sordid tale and there are many moving parts, but the basics are quite simple.

The Clintons through the Clinton Foundation had a Pay to Play Scheme in which they sold the Russians the Uranium producer Uranium One and then paid for the so-called “Pee Pee Dossier” through the MI6 British UnIntelligent Agency and one Christopher Steele.

These are the basic working pieces of this Scandal that Newt Gingrich calls the Greatest Political Corruption Scandal in American History.

The Russians are also in a slight Panic because of this situation because they know they are Exposed. As someone who paid the Bribe the Clintons were demanding they are Guilty, but if you were Forced or Coerced into this situation then you is really to Blame?

Alex Jones provides a Recap of the Pee Pee Dossier Allegations

If they deny the allegations, but gave all the files to Mossad as a backdoor way to pass on the information to the Americans then they were trying to do damage control over a year ago and now finally the sordid saga is nearing its end with the actual Criminals in the Clintons being exposed for all the World to see.

The Russians are feared for their spycraft and it is no wonder that Hollywood in their long tradition of Predictive Programming know just which movies will attract the attention of film audiences.

For example, Red Sparrow the story of a girls grooming school for Russian Spies coming out in 2017.

Another movie starring Scarlett Johansson, who also just by coincidence plays the Black Widow a Spy in the XMen Series.

Or how about the long running series that started way back in 2011 called The Americans.

It was as if Art was imitating Life or Vice Versa? The Red Haired Anna Chapman the former Spy in Britain and the Red Haired Red Sparrow from the movie. Just another Coincidence we suppose?