Rasta Man Breaks Freemason Code of Communications (Mic Henchmen)

[Zurich Times – October 29, 2017]

Rasta Man aka Mic Henchmen breaks down the Gematria of Words and Meanings according the Freemason Code.

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The Essential Message here is that this World according to the Point of View of the Freemason is based on the Study and Value of Numbers and Mathematics because that is the basis of their Religion.

Whether we Believe these coded meanings and associated numbers is not the Point. The Point is that these Freemasons Believe and follow these Numbers and their associated Meanings as a Religion and their are acting on their Beliefs.

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We as Humanity are the Victims of this Numbers based Magick Religion and unless we are aware of their Religion and Point of View we will never break the Spell and Hold these Numbers and Words have over us.

It is our Awareness of these Codes, Communications, and Meanings that ultimately decides our Fates, Faiths, and Futures all at once since these no such thing as Past, Present, and Future because All Time exists all the Time at Once and at Only one Moment of Time.

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This documentary on the Nature of Time would be worth watching as background material.

If we are still lost and looking for deeper meaning then perhaps a White Professor on a WhiteBoard will be more credible for some rather than a Black Man with a WhiteBoard.

Did anyone notice that both presentations began with references to Pizza as if my Design or just another Coincidence or was it a Synchronicity in Time?