Decoding the New York Truck Ramming Synthetic Terror Attack

[Zurich Times – October 31, 2017]

We began with a Ritual Sacrifice on October 1st, 2017 in Las Vegas and we end this month of October on October 31st, 2017 this day of Hallow’s Eve of Halloween in 2017 with another Ritual Sacrifice this time in New York.

So from Coast to Coast in America there is Synthetic Terror as in Made Up as in Manufactured for all to see and experience.


It is for us as Observers and Commentators to see and report on the larger picture and deeper meanings to such incidents.

This Synthetic Terror Attack in New York was another Coded Attack for those in Power and in the Public to Decode once they understand the basic working pieces of such attacks.

Here is a quick breakdown based on the available data thus far on the first day of the Attack;

The Numerology of the Attack

  • The number of dead is 8 and injured is 15 which equals 23.
  • We know 23 is a deeply esoteric numbers for the Black Magicians that organize such Synthetic Terror Attacks.
  • It is also the reverse of 32 which is the what we began the article with as in the Las Vegas attack as in the 32nd Floor.
  • Paddock’s father is the 302nd most wanted man by the FBI.
  • Paddock house address was 302 as well. So the evidence is there for all to investigate further.
  • There is also the police man pointing to the $19 and the truck as in the Harvest 91 Music Festival in reverse of the Las Vegas attack.
  • There were 19 guns recovered from Paddock’s house as well. Numbers have meaning and we wrote about this issue just the other day.

302. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock


The Name of the Patsy

Eight people dead, 15 injured in terror attack in Manhattan

The name of the Patsy who is again operating alone as in a Long Wolf Synthetic Terror Attack the name of the terror suspect “is Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, apparently from Uzbekistan” and who was shouting “Allahu Akbar” so essentially the case is now already sealed, solved and closed.There will be no further investigation just like the Las Vegas Attack case in which no further evidence of details are being provided to the public.

Why is his name special? Because these are codes hidden in plain sight. If we Anagram his name we get the following;


What does ALLUVIAL mean? It is relating to or derived from Alluvium which is “Alluvium is loose, unconsolidated soil or sediments, which has been eroded, reshaped by water in some form, and redeposited in a non-marine setting.”

The keyword here is Reshaped as Molded as in Mind Controlled by outside Forces and it also significant in that it indicates at this Ritual Sacrifice was a Water based Sacrifice since it was near New York which is near Water and was have been numerous indicators pointing to a larger Water based Sacrifice coming to New York.

So basically just with the Anagram of the name alone we should note something highly suspicious that is fool was a MISCHIEVOUSLY MOLDED to carry out this attack? By who? Well as always the suspect left his ID, note and ISIS flag and notes in the truck just like we saw in previous attack.

Keep in mind what we are actually seeing rather than our emotional knee-jerk response because this part is why we say “Synthetic Terror”  because that is exactly what we mean when the Attacker was given a Pellet Gun and Paintball Gun and told to go attack.

[DebkaFile] “After coming to a stop in his rented Home Depot truck, the terrorist then emerged from waving a paintball gun in one hand and a pellet gun in the other.”

The Necessary Misdirection and Distraction

This attack is important because it was a classic case of Misdirection and Distraction. Why was Misdirection and Distraction needed? Because of interviews such as these below that are now getting thousands of views and people are now connecting the Dots between Hollywood and a well organized Pedophile Network in which the Podesta Brothers and the Paddock Brothers are alleged involved.

Las Vegas Shooter Ran Child Trafficking Empire, Claims Relative

We cannot have such news surfacing and being discussed from Coast to Coast. These Taboo subjects cannot be allowed to take hold in the Psyche and Consciousness of Americans. Because they know if our attention turns to and focuses on these subjects the Elites are finished. So a Misdirection and Distraction was absolutely necessary and like the Crisis on Demand service that the UnIntelligence Agencies offer they had a mentally unstable “Very Friendly” Uber Driver.

Have other cases available where mentally unstable men and women are used by the UnIntelligence Agencies? Yes there is plenty of evidence. Follow the links.

Tucker Carlson is now a Marked Man for Taking on the Podesta Brothers

The Most Painful 4 Minutes with Podesta Interview you will see for awhile until his arrest soon…

The Location of the Attack

The attack occurred in Lower Manhattan as in the Heart of New York near Chambers and West Highway with a Truck. How is this important? Because of the keywords and the Policeman pointing to what is important. The Policeman is pointing to the Truck as the Tucker Carlson as in the person who was been taking on the Podesta Brothers.

The Chambers and West intersection with a Home Depot Truck is a reference in Code to the White House since Chambers is like a room in a House or Home in the West as in the West Wing as in the White House aka White Home using a White Truck with an Orange Logo as in the Soros Orange Revolution.

All the keywords and key colors are there for all to see and discern and it also helps to have it occur near Ground Zero and the location of the infamous 911 attack.

Saipov turned on to the bike track at Houston Street then drove for 17 blocks southbound. The pathway leads from Greenwich Village down to Tribeca. Saipov drove the full distance, only coming to a stop when he hit a school bus at Chambers Street 

This analysis was a quick breakdown and as more information becomes available we will try to add more data points to connect the dots.

Our decoding of the Las Vegas Attack with the Jason Aldean Code might be a good starting point if readers and completely lost by this point.

Decoding the Occult Symbolism of the Las Vegas Attack – The Jason Aldean Code [Part 1]

Our prayers go our to those who lost their lives and were affected by this attack, but the ones we should really be mourning for are the ones who are still alive. We are the real Losers. We still have the deal with the Forces of Darkness that have a stranglehold over Humanity as we wait for the Light of Discernment to enter our Hearts.

Light by Example. Over and Out. 10-4.