Draco Reptilians Serial Rape Humans On A Daily Basis

[Zurich Times – November 9, 2017]

We know or should know by now that Hollywood is full of Predators that Prey on Young Women as well as Young Men. These are the allegations against Spacey, Weinstein, Toback and multiple others who make up the Predatory Hollywood Elites.

These stories do not come out until there is enough people stating the same thing over and over again. As in a pattern of undeniable behavior amongst a small group of Predatory Elites.

We do not believe such allegations because these are Men of Renown and Men of Prestige and Power. Our Normalcy Bias prevents us from accepting such Truths about people we know, watch, and sometimes even Admire.

And these same Men of Renown use these certain instruments to make Business as Normal. Their primary Instrument is called Fear. With Fear they keep their victims quiet and submissive. So again that is another Pattern that is now becoming crystal clear.

Just as there is a Predatory Elite that takes advantage of Men and Women there is an even bigger problem that we again do not want to Believe nor can we Speak about because of Fear and Denial.

This bigger problem lies with the Daily Rape of Humans by the Hidden in Plain Sight Draco Reptilians that are here and have been here with us from the very beginning.

David Icke explains it well when he says that they occupy a Light Spectrum we cannot see.

If readers really want to understand how that works then take a look at this video by Jonathan Kleck in which he explains and shows how these Draco Reptilians use Light and the Bending of Light as Light Spectrums to mask their True Faces and their True Identities. The example of the Octopus is vital because they can Mask and Camouflage their true Appearance and Hide in Plain Sight and Blend into the Environment.

Just as we saw in the movie They Live. Unless we have the ability to see beyond the normal Light Spectrum we cannot see these Draco Reptilians in our world of Sight and Vision.

Hopefully with the allegations against the Predatory Pedophile Elites is now gaining traction perhaps we will also find it in our Hearts and Minds to finally acknowledge there is a problem here because the Pattern is the same.

The Pattern is that the stories with the Draco Reptilians is always the same. The descriptions of them by those who have been abducted and violated by them are always the same. Their methods of abductions, examination, rape, and memory wiping are always the same. We remember such things in an altered state of Consciousness as in when we are dreaming or under Hypnosis.

These memories often wiped so victims often do not even remember their abuse. Just as Fear is used to suppress Memories and Abuse the Draco Reptilians use the Light as in the Blue Light we were shown by Hollywood in mockery with the Men in Black Memory Neural Neuralyzer Wiping Blue Light Stick.

When there are so many similarities between the stories then there is a high likelihood that these some truths behind such stories from the victims. It is about time we pay attention and become aware of this epidemic that is plaguing humanity.

All the Evidence was there, we just chose to ignore it and be in Denial of it because of Fear and because of our Normalycy Bias and because of our Weakness.

Pedophilia Rings Controlled by the Draco Reptilians

We have now reached the Stage or Phase where the Draco Reptilian Agenda is now being openly shown to us again in the form of Mockery on the TV show People of Earth.