Man Opens Portal in his Bedroom using 525 Hz Frequency – Fake or Real?

[Zurich Times – November 15, 2017]

These videos and this article will be an exercise in Discernment the likes of which will test your Faith and your Belief Systems. Because we live in a Time when we cannot Discern or Understand the Difference between what is Real and what is Fake because the Special Effects and the Visuals are so Good we do not know what to believe.

Here is the original footage;

Man Opens Portal in his Bedroom using 432 MHz Frequency

Now for added Creepiness he can also summon a Black Mass using another Tone using the 432 Hz Frequency.

Now he uses the 528 Hz Frequency on his Bluetooth Speaker to Fracture Spacetime and Open a Rift in Time?

This Portal is according this FunkyFatHead a Gateway to Sedona. Now comes the part where we have to start Discerning.

Now to burst your Bubble or Gateway or Portal. Using Adobe Affect Effects which is ironic just on its own you can create such Portals on Videos as part of the Special Effects that are used on Hollywood Movies.

However, before we get too excited the story does not end here. This man has apparently been puzzled by the Artwork and the Painting and the influence it was on his Gateways, Portals and Rifts so we decides to mix things up a little and gets rid of the Tree of Life Blanket Artwork.

Before we dismiss this entire series of Videos as meaningless please watch this Video Interview from a British Super Solider named Matt Todd and what he says about Remote Viewers and how Rifts and a Black/Blue Mass is a Sign of their Presence. According to Matt Todd such a Presence is a Sign of Teleportation from either Humans or Small Greys and Signs of Intrusions in our Dimension of Space and Time.

Skip to the 5:00 minute and start listening carefully.

Matt Todd being Interviewed by Miles Johnston for the Ammach/Bases Project

His descriptions Exactly Match what was happening in the Bedroom.

So the conclusion we can reach is this footage was faked and FunkyFatHead went to the trouble of Faking all of this footage and even watched this interview recorded years ago and cut and paste the details in a Hoax? We find that theory not plausible because of more evidence below.

Now here is where it Discernment and Observation will start to make a Difference. This same Man is claiming that these Portals and Gateways in his Bedroom is Causing the Mandela Effect in particular with the Berenstain or Berenstein Bear Controversy which occurs in Real Time as he goes into his Strange Bedroom.

Even the Bible seems to Change in his Bedroom. And we have reported on this Phenomena before about how the Mandela Effect is changing Bible Verses.

Holy Mandela Affect even the Bible has been Changed! @ Kev Baker Show

If we made it this far then thank for you for following the entire argument and evidence all the way through. We cannot solve this puzzle without considering all of the data points to be able to connect such disparate dots.

10-04; Over and Out.