Pentagon Insider Zach Exposes Trump Victory Over Islamic Terrorists

[Zurich Times – November 27, 2017]

If Alex Jones treated all Guests, Insiders and Informants the way he treats Zach we are all in Trouble.

What we mean by that statement is if you expose the person is a Muslim, hiding in Morocco, worked for the Pentagon, was picked up by the FBI couple of weeks ago, vetted and warned, then tells us that Zach is real first name and to finish tops it off by saying he is a Trump Supporter and a well known figure in the Muslim Community then what else is left for us those looking for this person who seems to be on the run and in hiding?

How difficult will it be for those looking for him to find him now?

What happened to the Concept of Protecting your Sources?

Here is a short summary of the interview and the troubling implications of this analysis;

  • An Arab Coalition has been formed of 40 Arabs Nations that will now wage War on Iran led Axis
  • A new Middle East War is brewing and Zach and Alex seem to think that is good idea
  • The raids on Yemen uncovered a treasure trove of intelligence data somehow magically for Trump
  • Trump is now fully in bed with the Zionist Wahhabi Jesuit Camp that wants War and Zach/Alex support it
  • Trump is the Savior that will lead America to Peace through more War (yes this logic was stated)

Here is Trump lavishing praise on the Saudis. Yes the same Saudis that were involved in 911 and the ones that funded ISIS and yes the same ones that fund terror across the world and yes the same Saudis that follow the Twisted Wahhabi Brand of Islam.

Somehow they are now the goods guys? Perhaps next week we learn the North Korean leader is now suddenly also a Reformer once a back room deal has been reached.

This love hate relationship with Alex Jones and the Trump Administration gets more fascinating and confusing by the day. One day he fights the Deep State and then the next day he appoints the same old bankers to the Federal Reserve and a Pro Vaccine Activist to the CDC?

Where is the Consistency in his Actions if he is the Right Guy or the Savior Figure Zach and Alex seem so certain of?

Here is our Summary of how the Analysis of Zach and Alex are both wrong;

  • What is actually happen as a result of the this Arab Alliance is that there will now be a massive Sectarian and Ethnic War that will erupt across the Middle East. We just saw an example with the attack in Egypt on the Sufi branch of Islam by the Forces of Darkness aka Daesh/ISIS.
  • Sunnis will now fight against Shia and Arabs will not fight against non-Arabs aka Persians and other Asians.
  • Some twisted minds and hearts actually enjoy War as in starting new Wars, moving soldiers and equipment in war game exercise as if they are playing video games that is the mentally of one fool called MBS.
  • It is from Iran or ancient Persia that the Anti-Christ or the Dajjal or the long awaited Jewish Messiah figure will emerge; mostly likely after some form of great war in that region with an army of 70,000 Jews.
  • The Grand Alliance of the Arabs also includes now a not so secret Alliance with Zionist Israel. It was another version of the Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend scenario. Wait til one Enemy back stabs another in this War to end all Wars and then the real Fireworks will begin and end for most of humanity.

If readers and viewers are now living in a Dsytopian 1984 Version of Reality where War is Peace, then the logic of Zach and Alex will resonate with you.

If readers and viewers want an alternative view from within the fold of Islam, just as Zach is a Muslim then it is only fair that another Muslim present an alternative point of view about the truth of the Saudi Zionist Wahhabist Alliance and its lusting for War and more War.

The Coalition of the 40 Nations and 80 Flags is a strong Prophetic Marker according to this scholar of Islamic Eschatology. And we reported on the significance of this Grand Coalition 6 months ago when Trump visited Saudi Arabia. The End Times are fasting approaching.