[December 4, 2017 – ZurichTimes.net]

If viewers have not seen the works of Jonathan Kleck then they are really missing out. He has the ability to find the Gems and see the Secrets that are Hidden in Plain Sight.

These set of videos are another example of his Gift of Sight which he received after meeting the Archangel Michael according to his own Testimony. If you have shed a tear after these series of videos that perhaps you have tuned out and it is time to light that flame again and start a new day. Rest, recover and then come back to this article.

This story is about a Savant named Leslie Lemke as witnessed by his Redemption and the Sudden Miracles that can happen if we have Faith in the Creator. Leslie began to suddenly sing and play the piano when previously he was not even able to walk, talk, or eat properly. Miracles are possible and how and through whom God delivers his Messages is part of the Lesson we should be learning from such videos.

We say Yes to Fear and we also say Yes to Hope. Because we acknowledge the Fear aka Anxiety, Stress, Difficulty we face in our daily lives, but there is Hope and Yes there is definitely Hope in the Word of God, the Almighty.


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