[December 5, 2017 – Zurich Times]

Since last year there we have been hearing about Strange Sonic Attacks and Sounds being directed at the US Embassy in Cuba. The origin of the Mysterious Sounds now apparently have a source and the Source is the Cicada.

Tibicen linnei.jpg

Yes the Cicadas as in an Insect or Bug that makes a very annoying sound. How this Sound is related to an Embedded Signal within a Signal just as we saw with the movie Contact and the movie The Signal and the movie The Kingsman and how all of these Dots are connected and lead us to TransHumanism and Mind Control are explored in the video below.

If people have been following this Channel then they will be able to relate the work of Jonathan Kleck and his Visions about Bugs aka Locusts coming out of the Pit and our research and findings related to this Sonic Attacks and the Cicada 3301 Game is part of an Illuminati Crypto Recruitment Tool for Mind Control are all explained in the video.