Signs of the Ends Times Series – Part 2 – Jay Parker and Satanic Ritual Abuse

[December 12, 2017 —]

Jay Parker provides a testimony of his abuse as a Satanic Mind Control Victim and Survivor. He explains how this practice is something that is passed on from one Generation to another in small towns nobody would ever suspect of such things. It was all hiding in plain view so nobody would ever believe it.

  • Jay Parker is a Monarch Mind Control Victim and Survivor. Provides testimony of abuse.
  • He was abused in Arden, Delaware which was masquerading as a small Arts Colony.
  • Behind the mask of such small towns the Forces of Dark Occult operate with impunity.
  • The Police won’t investigate these crimes, but are fully aware of them because they are owned and operated by the Illuminati.
  • This Situal Ritual Abuse (SRA) is passed on from Generation to Generation.
  • The Illuminati Bloodlines that originate in Ancient Babylon practice SRA/Sacrifices.
  • Sacrifices were made to the Marquis of Hell, Moleck and such Entities in Arden.
  • These Entities feed off the Trauma of Victims and the Chemicals released.
    Jay’s Mother was Mind Control Programmer and was asked to destroy John Dupont’s life. He ended up in a Mental Hospital.
  • Many of Jay’s friends were used and killed during Illuminati SRA sessions.
    90% of the town of Arden, Delaware were part of this SRA Pedophile Community.
  • Torture techniques included; traumatic sexual abuse, physical torture with cattle prods, electric car batteries, locking into closets and small boxes for days.
  • Tried to break Children’s minds so could be shattered for Monarch Mind Programming.
  • Illuminati use TV signals and other hypnotic devices with weaponized flicker rates for attacks on your Consciousness and Psyche.
  • Control and Protect your Consciousness as a way out of such Mind Control attacks.

It all sounds and looks like the days of old when we used to worship and sacrifice children for Molech and Baal for worldly favours. Nothing seems to have changed in a few thousands years. Same old suspects and the same old techniques and same old results.

Original Video of Jay Parker’s Testimony.

Jay Parker — Satanic Illuminati Family Abuse & The Mind Control Case Of John Du Pont

The testimony itself is quite disturbing, but the device Jay mentioned was something different and when we think about it this device it sounds very similar to the Fidget Spinner Craze that was taken over. A small handheld device that can spin and hypnotize its victims and wipe their memories.

Sounds and looks ominous. Consider the way people hold it making the devil’s hand sign and consider the testimony of Jay Parker before engaging such spinning which just seems like innocent fun.

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