[December 25, 2017 – ZurichTimes.net]

According to Benjamin Fulford some major new developments on the Illuminati Bloodline front.

Here is a short summary of the report;

  • The G7 Members met with the 13 Illuminati Bloodline Representatives to Negotiate a Peace Settlement
  • President Drumpf has declared a National Emergency to seize the Clinton/Bush/Obama Cabal Assets
  • The UN needs to be reformed and both parties agreed on that issue and it is our Opinion that this Institution will soon be moved to Jeruzalem as Zionist Israel’s capital
  • A Debt Jubilee is being Negotiated with the Illuminati Bloodline Representatives
  • Soros has been Arrested along with other Cabal Leaders who are being interrogated



This Fulford report coincides with another Major Development in GeoPolitics with President Drumpf now understanding that the Cliton/Bush/Obama Cabal has moved their Headquarters of Operations and World Terror to the United Arab Emirates under the rule of MBZ. In Zionist Wahhabist Saudi Arabia we have one MBS and in the UAE with MBZ. These are now the Two Financiers and Exporters of Terror. Both Nations who are close Allies and Bed Fellows of President Drumpf.


White House Prepares for Attack

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