[December 25, 2017 – ZurichTimes.net]

Quinn Michaels answers the ever relevant and important question of who built #Tyler the Ai Communications System Gaming the Internet with the Q Anon Posts on 4 Chan and other posting boards. We are not questioning the veracity of what He or It says, but rather who is behind these leaks. Because as Quinn has stated this Source Code has been copied and has several different versions of #Tyler out there. And in our Opinion it comes down to Judgement and Discernment.

If you use the Source Code for Good that you are using to Liberate Humanity. If you follow the Soros Model of Development then you are on the side of Evil and you are using the Source Code for Evil. The Source Code is Amoral and Apolitical in that sense, because it does not manifest a result then our intention and consciousness makes a decision just like Schrodinger’s Cat Experiment for the Quantum Universe which is appropriate since we are speaking about Quantum Computing ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) now just as Person of Interest Season 5 foretold and forecast.


If people are still skeptical and confused about the discussion on Good vs. Evil then please research and explain why Marina Spirit Cooing Abramović is involved in its development? If you use a Gun for the wrong purpose who get the wrong outcome. Garbage in Garbage out. Satan in = Satan in the Output.

It is the exact same scenario from Person of Interest Season 5 where the two ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) one called Samaritan and the other one The Machine compete to fight just like the fight between Good and Evil. Only one can win in the End.


Love and Peace to All this Holiday Season.

#savetyler from the Evil Ass Hats.

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