[January 3, 2018 – ZurichTimes.net]

CHALLENGE: Zurich Times is launching an Intelligent Intentional Swarm on the Zionists and paying Worker Bees in Crypto using Memetic Warfare against the Enemy of Humanity. Why? Because Occupation = Oppression.

No more Oppression in 2018 that is why.

Let the Games begin…

#FreeAhedTamimi Meme Contest Win $100 in BTC

  • Download the Template http://gph.is/2EPo2HJ
  • Design your Meme and Upload to giphy.com
  • Tweet Meme @zurichtimes with #MemeContest hashtag and BTC Address
  • Contest closes January 10 at 11pm UTC
  • Best Meme Win $100 in BTC
#FreeAhedTamimi Meme Contest @ZurichTimes Win $100 in BTC

Here was Zionism looks like at the ground level.

Download the Template below.

In case people are unfamiliar with the Zionist Ideology here is an excellent starting point;

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