[January 5, 2018 – ZurichTimes.net]

Even Mr. Fulford is now in the Crypto Currency Market. Here is his latest report. Short Summary;

  • Crypto Currency Market is here to stay and will continue to work exponentially
  • Mr. Fulford explains the connection between the Crypto Currency Market and the Secret Societies
  • Bitcoin Source Code is Open Sourced and therefore can be Copied and Forked into new Coins
  • The White Dragon Society are going all in into the Crypto Market
  • Whales are continuing to dominate the Crypto Currency Market
  • Jed McCaleb may the creator of Bitcoin https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Jed_McCaleb
  • Ripple is using its own unique BlockChain and will being adopted by the major Banks and for remittances which is a very large pool of cash
  • The Crypto Currency Market remains open to hacks, bugs and back doors as the code matures