Putin: The ruble is the most gold-backed currency in the world; Sanctions don’t bother us
Translation courtesy of Inessa S https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeix8jbmQnS6FprsJIsjVyQ
President Putin believes in the active theory of ‘containment’ of Russia, when it comes to Western foreign policy. Washington is a Printing Machine of Fiat Money.

He has often emphasised the points in time in Russia’s 1000 year history, where Russia would recuperate from whichever crisis that preceded it, only to face fierce slander on behalf of its Western partners. Putin has said that any diversion from Western interests often paints Russia in a negative light, seemingly overnight – “Even during the Yeltsin era, who the West had hailed widely as a good and proper democratic Russian leader, became a raging alcoholic sensation – as soon as he dared to defend the unity of Yugoslavia.”

The modern day, once again, is a time of resurgence for Russia from the crippling effects of the 1990s. Being ‘contained’ in various ways is therefore, nothing new. In this outtake, Putin offers a couple of words in relation to the effects of Western sanctions, plummeting oil prices, who is behind it and why.
via YouTube https://youtu.be/0e2BNlZ6td8

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