[January 14, 2018 – ZurichTimes.net] 

If you are familiar with the Vedic Charts and believe in the Vedic Astrology or any of its main beliefs then you will find this interview by Heidi Vandenberg and Clif High very interesting indeed. Some of the issues discussed;

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  • The Origins of Life
  • How the Process of Reincarnation Works
  • CryptoCurrencies and Vedic Charts and Sidereal Astrology
  • Universal Energy vs. Solidity (which is ironically the programming language for CryptoCurrency)
  • What is Time and Energy Ripples (which ironically again is the name of another CryptoCurrency)
  • Earth does not Orbit the Sun and its implications as part of the Helical Model of the Solar System
  • Predictive Analytics and the Webbot Reports and the Linguistic similarity with QAnon
  • Ai Super Intelligence and the Future

Heidi Vandenberg and Clif High

IFrameThere seems to be no shortage to the lies we have been told all our lives. The Moon is Artificial, the Solar System we are taught in school is misleading, and now we are being told CryptoCurrencies are Fraud without ever looking at the Fraud the Banking System is committing on a daily basis. For example, who would believe us if we told you Canada, a member of the G8 has Zero as in $0 in Gold Reserves? Check the link if you are so inclined.

The Helical Model – our Solar System is a Vortex

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