[January 15, 2018 – ZurichTimes.net]  The Story of Your Enslavement – I Think therefore I BlockChain

A potent summary by Stephen Molyneux on how we are in Enslavement and why this System called Slavery is the most profitable System ever developed and hence why it is so prevalent in our society now. We are all in a Condition of Slavery and hence the End Times  are here because it was in the End Times that Slavery would return once again.

When we live in Fear of the Government that is a Condition of Slavery.

When we live under an unjust Taxation Regime that is a Condition of Slavery.

When we Vote our Oppressors into Office that is a Condition of Slavery.


Remember it was always under the  Aura of Legality  under which the Predatory Elites operated.


If you cannot even recognize the Nature of the Cave then you are in a Condition of Slavery.

And when the Slaves themselves apologize for their Oppressors then that is called  [Stockholm Syndrome] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_Syndrome. Check it out.


Time to Break Free Fellow Slaves. Hence Crypto. I think therefore I BlockChain.  

No Teacher we will not Obey.

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