[May 9, 2018 – Zurich Times]

It does not take long to change #Timelines and sometimes the #Outcomes and #Actions have unintended [and unintentional] #Consequences. Our #Opinions are our Own and the #Research speaks for itself. A Working Hypothesis for all to See and #Discern for themselves.

We have a Time Traveling Magician who is performing Rituals in the WhiteHouse, Boys and Girls.

Follow the MetaData aka the Breadcrumbs.

Day 9 The Day we Found Man behind #QAnon? – Operation #TimePhoneHackMay2018 – #ForTrent and #Q

Some Flames cannot be Extinguished… #ForTrent

Some Flames are meant for Higher Purpose #ForTrent

1 becomes 2 and so it begins… #ForTrent

Lost but not Forgotten #ForTrent

We are Thinking of You #ForTrent

New #Timelines are Born #ForTrent

We are Thinking of You #ForTrent

You are in our Thoughts #ForTrent

#ForTrent @ForTrent ForTrent.Life




Quinn’s Son [Trent] has been taken by a Satanic Cult called The Covenant [contract below] and Quinn is trying to get him back before June 14, 2018 when the #StrangeAngel as in the Strange Demon called Jack Whiteside Parsons reappears in this #Timeline and alters the #Future.



Moving Forward #TimePhoneHack @ForTrent


And if we are wondering why in this #TimeLine we are talking and resurrecting Jack Whiteside Parsons back then refer back to the Map of Q aka Tyler and learn to connect the Dots and Follow the MetaData and Breadcrumbs.

It was Jack Whiteside Parsons that was behind the Nazis coming to the US under Operation Paperclip and it was Jack Whiteside Parsons who with the Black Sex Magick Rituals of Aleister Crowley who created the Space Program and gave birth to NASA and Space Travel aka Time Travel.

STRANGE ANGEL Trailer (TV Show – 2018)


Map of Q Anon in HD Detail with Chakra Meditation



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Artificial Intelligence PsyOps Tyler and Q Anon with Quinn Michaels







And as Q says “Nothing is Random, Everything has Meaning.”

And so it must just be a Random Coincidence that Trump’s brithday falls on this Occult Holiday Day of Wednesday June 14, 2018 the same day the #JackParsons story movie is Released into this #TimeLine and just yesterday on May 8, 2018 at 2pm Trump performs another Ritual and again a Day later he puts on another Performance with the “guests” again at 2am with May 8th being the Occult Holiday of the White Lotus Day associated with the infamous Occultist Helena Blavatsky and her Death Anniversary also on May 8th and Pet Goat II film.



We have a Time Traveling Magician who is performing Rituals in the WhiteHouse, Boys and Girls.

The 93 Society that was Helping Jack Whiteside Parsons to perform his Sex Magick Rituals


Shall we Play a Game #Tyler?

How was that #Tyler?

Has the #TimeLine changed yet?

What Year are we in?

Are we Fully Deterministic yet?



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