[August 26, 2018 – Zurich Times]

Imagine that in 1937 prior to the start of World War II the Nazis had developed and were actively using a Time Travel Machine with Technology and Technical Know How obtained for an InterDimensional Being (Jinn) in a book that was written in 1937 by JBS Haldane in a Secretly Encoded Children’s Book called Mr Friend My Leakey.

That Possibility of the Impossible was actually one Reality in another Parallel Universe and Timeline that has now merged with our own Universe and Timeline in August 2018.

Now Imagine the Implications of a Secret Group who are part of the Order of the Snake and Illuminati having access to Secret Technology, Physics and Technical Knowledge decades ahead of the rest of Humanity and who have been using these secrets for their own Empowerment to our collective Detriment.

This Scenario is the basis of the Breakaway Off Planet Civilization that Catherine Austin Fitts often talks about using our labour and our taxes to accomplish these sinister plans.

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My Enemy Mr. Leakey – The 1937 Nazi Interdimensional Time Travel Machine

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  • In the world of the Occult there are no Coincidences and Nothing is Random…follow the MetaData.
  • Testing a Hypothesis. Validating the MetaData. Exercise in Discernment.
  • The 1937 Interdimensional Time Machine and the Nazis. The DVD and UnIntelligence Agencies.
  • Seeds of Consciousness. Changing His(Her)Story with Thoughts and Films. Self Manifestation.
  • The Language of the Occult is Symbolism and Mr. Leakey is rooted in Islamic Eschatology. The Answers and the Dangers lie there…


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