[September 17, 2018 – Zurich Times]

Fact Checking the Benjamin Fulford Report: September 17, 2018

Which Country is now the New Republic of Gilead?
By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Wage War – Mossad Motto

Short Summary of Key Points covered here by Benjamin Fulford;

  • The Luciferian MI6 Anglo American Zionist Cabal has 3 months left on its End Times life line?
  • Trump will be sending Text Messages to all Americans this Thursday Sept 20th as a means to directly reach the masses if Twitter goes down.
  • The recent Japanese Earthquake was caused by another fracking operation this time using CO2.
  • The Zurich based Swiss Banking Cabal is panicking and negotiating with the Russians and anyone else they can get hold off.
  • The Sunspot Observatory shut down was related to the Watchers and the coming Earth Changes.
  • Zionist Israeli Crime Minister Ben Gurion was involved in the JFK plot.
  • The Cabal communicates with a Black Sun Device using Gamma Rays.
  • The Russian Orthodox Church schism is another Cabal plot.
  • The Nazis created the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabism and now they are being used for the End Times Social Cataclysm to bring down Europe.

The Point about receiving secret messages from Outer Space is NOT an exeggeration or hyperbole. It is based on FACT as in Hollywood Documentaries known as SitComs and Science Fiction Fillms and in this case known as the “Out of This World TV Series” from the 1980s where EVE was receiving messages from a Purple Glowing Cube that was broadcasting messages from SATURN.

The Black Cube of Saturn

The point about the Sunspot Observatory and the Power of One Voice was part of our video jsut done the other day as another strange coincidence. 

And on this last bullet point matches what we covered a few weeks ago when we pointed out that all 3 Religions have Fallen to Lucifer as in the Albert Pike Plan of 1871 is now coming to Fruition in Europe.

All 3 Religions have Fallen to Lucifer – #MakeHijrahGoBack Campaign

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