Putin’s Neville Chamberlain Moment September 1938 as HisStory repeats itself and the Non-State Actor(s) make their Appearance known as Known UnKnowns.


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who is the new #nevillechamberlain?

the new hitler for the “peace in our time” moment

crime minister of #zionistisrael, #benjibibi

dvd collection of all crimes committed

appeasement and making deal with demons

the new “Sudetenland” is syria in sept 2018

who will confront evil?

appeasement has given birth to pax judaica

hesitation in the face of evil will not work…

evil has no respect no need nor any want for peace…

zionism is the not the same as #Judaism

all 3 religions have fallen to #lucifer

the host body must sacrifice itself for the birthing

pax americana sacrifices itself for pax judaica

two nations meet to decide faith of third nation as history repeats itself

the 3 baphomet stars 233 code 2 fools and 3 stars

the choices were clear humanity or lucifer?

leaders vs. misleaders and the non-state actor(s)

the future era of non-state actor(S)

the future era of non-state actor(S) and memetic warfare

the #fatimatimeline and the future era of non-state actor(S)