RT News: With nothing proven and the vote frozen, liberal comedian Jimmy Kimmel gave his two cents on Kavanaugh on his Monday night show. Kimmel first made fun of Kavanaugh for his claim that he was a virgin in high school, and kept calendars of all of his social engagements, which Kavanaugh hopes will place him somewhere else the night of the alleged assault.

“What 17-year old keeps calendars of his social engagements?” he asked. No wonder he was a virgin.Kimmel then suggested a ‘compromise,’ should Kavanaugh be confirmed.

“Hear me out on this,” he said. “So Kavanaugh gets confirmed to the Supreme Court, OK? Well, in return we get to cut that pesky penis of his off in front of everyone.” As the audience groaned, Kimmel added: “No? That’s not good? I thought I had a solution there for a minute.”



With even Kimmel’s liberal audience tiring of the schtick, here’s some more times Kavanaugh’s opponents crossed the ever-thinning line between reality and satire.

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Kimmel’s Solution to the Judge Kavanaugh Problem

Kirsten Gillibrand uses the Santa Claus defense. How does a child know Santa Claus is real? I dunno, man, they just… feel it. Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (New York) used the same reasoning last Thursday to prove Ford’s allegation true. “I believe her,” she said at a press conference, voice cracking. “I believe her because she’s telling the truth.”