[September 26, 2018 – Zurich Times]

We explore #Satire in Zionist Wahhabi Saudi Arabia as we test the limits of the #YoungReformer #MBS and the #ClownPrinceofArabia. The story of the Saudi teen arrested for #Macarena Dance in Saudi Arabia.

  • We explore Satire in Zionist Wahhabi Saudi Arabia
  • Don’t copyright (or drone) strike Zurich Times my AI bro
  • Muslims should at least follow their own religion?
  • Even the church of satan is not interested in the satanic ai
  • The young reformer #clownprinceofarabia
  • There is no escape from these times…in the end times
  • Saudi teen arrested for Macarena dance on Jeddah streets
  • The orb of palantir the eye of sauron dajjalic beast system being activated
  • President Trumpanzee Goes to the United Nations
  • Zionist Occupied Land of Amerika (ZOLA aka HYDRA)
  • Testing the Limits of #Satire in Zionist Wahabi #SaudiArabia #MBS
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