[October 2, 2018 – Zurich Times]

Textual Relations with that Russian Woman – Altered Presidential Red Alert Message Oct 2/18

“I did not have Textual Relations with that Russian Woman…” – Donald. J. Drumpf

Now we can understand the Hidden Messages and Subliminal Freudian Slips for acting like a “Wet Noodle” with #Rasputin in Helsinki, Finland in July 2018 using Reverse Speech and Altering of Timelines with Presidential Text Alerts.

“I did not have Textual Relations with that Russian Woman…” – Donald. J. Drumpf


‘Sex with Daddy’: Helsinki Secret Messages Confirm Trump a Putin Proxy

His love: dildos/Sex with daddy: And I think we’ll compete successfully (although there is a little advantage locationally). So I just wish them luck. I did. I discussed with Angela Merkel in pretty strong tones but I also know where they’re all coming from. And they have a very close source. So we’ll see how that all works out. But we have lots of sources now and the United States is much different than it was a number of years ago when we weren’t able to extract what we can extract today. So today we’re number one in the world at that and I think we’ll be out there competing very strong.

The Wet Noodle Meeting of Minds

ANALYSIS: Secret Messages Confirm Sexual Assault in Christine Blasey Ford Testimony, Suggest Brett Kavanaugh Allegations Factual

Wireless Phone Users Can’t Opt Out of Trump Administration ‘Presidential Alert’ Test Message