[October 16, 2018 – Zurich Times]

The 7 Minute Bone Saw Chop Up Job of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi Forensics Expert indicates Planned Fore Knowledge and not the work of “Rogue” Actors. The Narrative that is being set now by Oberführer Trumpanzee is to take away blame from the Saudis and especially the #YoungReformer Psychopath #ClownPrince #MbS.

So far it is working like a Charm as the Media plays along and never bothers to ask why Russia and the Skirpal case was handled so differently with immediate sanctions, threats and actions at the highest levels. However, with the Saudis we have to take things slowly and need further investigations.

Double Standards for Demons because that is how #Demoncracy works – rule for and by Demons.

As far as we can Decode from this killing and disappearance is that it matches as far the Numerology and Tactics go it has all the TradeMarks and Hallmarks of an Occult Ritual Sacrifice.

There is an embedded 666 and 777 Code within the articles and videos discussed below in the presentation.

About an hour after uploading this video on YouTube the entire service went offline; just another coincidence?

Just another strange coincidence that when the identity of the #RealQAnon is Exposed and Acknowledged and we were able to show the connections to that video and the 777 Ritual Sacrifice of the Journalist Jamal Khashoggi the entire site goes down? However, nothing happening now online or offline is a coincidence in the world of the occult as we have repeatedly stated many times.

Here is another alternative site to view the video on Real.Video;


Saudi Cleaner Crew Arrives for 7 Minute Bone Saw Massacre Ritual Sacrifice