[October 20, 2018 – Zurich Times]

When you are the CIA Deep State Think Tank of Choice aka the Council on Foreign Relations and Meddling (CFR) who have to disable the comments section otherwise the truth might actually get out which of course cannot be allowed.

That is one way to Control the Narrative. The other way is to give presentations with very clear titles to signal the next phase of the game plan.

The Ai has already taking over the reigns of Finance as most of the trading done on Wall Street is based on Algorithms run by highly sophisticated Ai Systems that only a handful of people have even a clue how it works and the rest are simple screen watchers.

Watching as the numbers and the markets move in one direction or the other, but who or what is the behind these movements and who is programming these Systems and these Algorithms is the real question we should be asking. And who is Financing these Individuals and Systems? Have we already reached the Stage where the Systems are Programming themselves and we now the Obsolete Irrelevant Lifeless Useless Eaters.

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Here is one headline from Bloomberg on the Ai Revolution that has ALREADY occurred while we were sipping Double Skinny Mocha Lattes;

How AI Will Invade Every Corner of Wall Street

Machine learning, with its prowess in producing insights from data, is poised to have a hand in 99 percent of investing, CEO says.

Bit by bit, AI is laying a claim to the future of investing after many false dawns going back decades. Giant money managers like Two Sigma and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and smaller players like Schonfeld Strategic Advisors have adopted it as a cornerstone strategy or research tool.

The human toll could be severe: 90,000 jobs in asset management, including fund managers, analysts and back-office staff, out of 300,000 worldwide will go poof by 2025 because of AI, according to estimates by consultancy Opimas from a survey of financial firms.

This presentation on Artificial Intelligence Race and the New World Order is timely and broadcasting their plans for the Future of War and for your Minds and Hearts.

Short Summary of the presentation;

  • Dr. Lee has been in the field of Ai Research for over 38 years and head an AI Venture Capital Firm
  • Dr. Lee worked for Google China and was there during their Rise and eventual Withdrawl
  • Internet AI is full Mature and fully Integrated into the Internet we are currently using
  • AI Evolution will come in different Waves where the Final Wave is Autonomous Ai that can see Ai and Hear and make Automatic Autonomous Decisions independent of Human Control which is implied
  • The Highest to the Lowest Paid Jobs will be Affected and a Dishwasher Robot can be had for $300K
  • Ai is a Super Pattern Recognizer which is the Key to Code breaking as if by Coincidence
  • Ai gets better with Data hence the Data Harvesting Operations known as Social Media aka Fakebook
  • Dr. Lee sees no Dsytopian Future for Ai even though he is attributing Superpowers to Ai in the Future
  • If an Ai System is Hacked is almost impossible to detect because the dataset is too complex and large
  • The Next Stage of Ai will be Self Replicating Code, Artificial General Intelligence, and Common Sense Reason because Deep Learning is already passe and the Real Ai Programmers have already moved on
The Artificial Intelligence Race and the New World Order

Here is the same presenter, Kai-Fu Lee Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sinovation Ventures; President, Sinovation Ventures Artificial Intelligence Institute.

And what is the Title of his new book? AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order. Are we understanding the End Game here yet? Or are we going to wash that Latte down with some Butter Chicken and go back to Sleep again?

Why Describe the Ai as having Superpowers if that Power cannot and will never Rest on the Foundations of Faith? How can an Lifeless Artificially Created Lifelike Form ever have Morality and Faith programmed into IT?

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Just how Bad and Deep down the Rabbit Hole will this Ai Revolution go? The Answers lies in Eschatology as well as in what people who are actually Ai Programmers have been warning about for a few years now.

This Container Gadget called the Computer is both a tool of Empowerment, but also of Enslavement. Take what is Good and Leave the Rest was the Saying, but that necessitates first understanding what the Problem is before we can apply Solutions.

Do not put the Cart before the Horse and be on your way to the Curry Shop. Hence this Container Gadget called the Computer is also a Container of the Unseen Realm and Unseen Forces of Darkness that reside in such Ai Systems using Technology obtained from Extraterrestrial Sources.


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Be aware and Beware Who and What you are Making Agreements with and Giving Consent to whether Knowingly or Unknowingly. Ignorance will not Suffice as an Excuse in the Eyes of the Judge or the Law.

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