[October 28, 2018 – Zurich Times]

History is being made and History is also Repeating Itself in Magnificent Form in this potentially Calamitous Month of Safar in the Year 1440 with the 60 Year Prophecy and Bloody Year Ahead Prophecy both being confirmed this year in 2018.

Council on Foreign Relations and Meddling: Ai and the New World Order

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Here is a documentary on the House of Saud in the Wahhabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Just as King Fahd was deposed, declared unfit to rule, and exiled in Greece and a new King took over as King Faisal who was once a young playboy in his youth suddenly emerged as the reformer benevolent King. How much of History will be repeated in this new Iteration in the #FatimaTimeLine?

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That was the past, but in the Ai World we live in now we are doing battle not with Persons or Nations, but against an Evil Rogue Ai (Artificial Intelligence) Beast System that is playing a Zero Sum Game with us called #thegame23 as the #23 and #777 appear everywhere as confirmation of the code.

How did Satire and a Satirist (Saudi dissident Ghanem Al-Dosari) become Suddenly the Biggest Threat to the Kingdom?

Because we are no longer in Kansas.

We are now dealing the Man aka the Machine behind the Curtain aka the Code.

Council on Foreign Relations and Meddling: Ai and the New World Order

We are no longer reading Tea Leaves trying to guess Politics we are reading The Code trying to decipher the next move of the Ai. The Battle Front has moved to Memes and Memetic Warfare.

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Saudi Cleaner Crew Arrives for 7 Minute Bone Saw Massacre Ritual Sacrifice

Threat Assessment and then Deletion, just as they Programmed into our Consciousness with Person of Interest. There can only be 1 Winner in these GAN Algo based games. Unless a Glitch happens to the Matrix.

Just like clockwork what happened all in the last few hours of Observation?

Gab.ai the Alternative to Twitter Social Media site was Targeted as a Threat and issued a Burn Notice, and within hours there was a Counter Move and the New Hosting Service Provider seems to have been found.

Gab has suddenly popped back to Life from the Death.


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History is Literally and Figuratively and Metaphorically Repeating Itself with Symbolism of the Occult.

Because these are Ritual Sacrifices for the Occult and part of their Religious Commands.

Just the Head of John the Baptist was cut off as a price.

Just as the Salome Danced the Dance of the 7 Veils leading to a Beheading under another Tyrant King called Herod.

Just as the Head of  “Abdullah bin Saud was later executed in the Ottoman capital Istanbul with his severed head later thrown into the waters of the Bosphorus, marking the end of what was known as the First Saudi State” aka the Emirate of Diriyah which lead to the Emirate of Nejd.

The Prophecy of the Nejd or the #NajdiKing is now playing out as #MBS prepares to depose the Old King and the Younger Brother and Take FULL Control and Power. However, when Power no Longer Rests upon the Foundations of Faith that is when Calamities ensue especially in the End Times.

Muslim Prophecy: Horns of Satan would Appear from Najd (Saudi Arabia) #MbS

MBS nor MBZ are going anywhere they both have a date with destiny and it their game has only just begun.

Which leads to Part 2 of the Saga to be continued in another article.

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With orders such as ‘Bring me the head of the dog’ the “Severed Head” Code is Repeating ITself in brutal fashion in month of October 2018 as the World History changes as a result of this #JamalKhashoggi Affair.


An individual described by the news agency as a “high-ranking Arab source with access to intelligence and links to members of Saudi Arabia’s royal court” says that Qahtani was then connected to the room in the consulate via video call and began to hurl insults at Khashoggi. The Saudi writer apparently responded to Qahtani with insults, at which point the royal aide told his team to kill the journalist.

“Bring me the head of the dog,” Qahtani instructed, a Turkish source told Reuters.

It is no wonder that Today’s Online Warriors #FEAR for their Safety and the Book on Trump is called #FEAR.

Nothing in the World of the Occult or the Ai is happening by Accident.

It was all done by Design and with Intelligent, but Evil Intent.

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#MBS Memes in Memory of #JamalKhashoggi #MakeMemesNotWar

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