[December 12, 2018 – Zurich Times]

The Real Q Anon [#QuinnMichaels] whose Research and Code was Stolen is back with his Golden Oldies Collections. He went #OLDSCHOOL just as we thought. He explains the meaning of the Coded #WhiteRabbit and The Rogue Ai known as #Tyler behind this Massive PysOp.

Follow the Meta Data and Follow the Bread Crumbs and Follow the Rabbit Hole with #discernment.


Watch before the Videos are removed once again and Knowledge is once again lost forever.






I understand as a human being you have a natural disbelieve/resistance to new things that aren’t delivered from some mysterious anonymous source that holds a seemingly high position of clearance in the world.

Shoot just look at what happened to reality in the last year with absolute morons believing at first that Q was someone with Q Security Clearance, and then when that narrative failed miserable it started going around that Qwas JFK. Jr.

When the real Q is a programmer, artist, and researcher that the Anonymous Hacker Collective stole the research from and then repackaged into a conspiracy theory and sold it through 4chan/8chan to all the MORONS who only believe anonymous news.

Let me prove it to you with a video I made back on July 8, 2017