[January 10, 2019 – ZurichTimes]

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93 Society Continuum QAnon MetaData Observation

The Central Point and the Main Point of the Exercise here in this Episode is to Ask the Question;

“Why is the MetaData of The Real QAnon showing up in Our Timeline in the Current Reality and Why is his Research and Film History MetaData showing up repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly in Films across multiple Timelines?”

Such Questions need to be Asked because they are having an Effect and an Affect on our Current Timeline. If you are Observing this Video and Observing his Research you are Part of this Timeline; consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously and also willing and/or unwilling.

Blind Sharing cannot be expected when Critical Thinkers are Present and as long as They are Present then the Exercise involves Verification and Validation of the MetaData being presented.

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