[March 12, 2019 – Zurich Times]

Is a Mass Genetic Genocide being Planned in Middle East An EndTimes Prophecy? Have American Military Generals gone Rogue and Waging their own Private Wars for Zionist Israel and the AntiChrist?

This False Flag will be the Future of How Ethnic Cleansing will take place. Starting with the Arabs.

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6 “Sources and Methods” Carlton Cuse Story by : Patrick Aison 
Teleplay by : Patrick Aison & Annie Jacobsen August 31, 2018
Jack and Greer, with aid from a Turkish sex trafficker, track Hanin and her daughters to the Turkish coast, where they dispatch Suleiman’s henchman who has been pursuing the women. Greer reveals that he was PNG’d from Karachi because he had killed his asset, a Pakistani army officer, who was going to turn him in to the authorities to be tortured and killed. Meanwhile, Victor learns that one of his “terrorist” targets had been misidentified, and travels to Syria to make amends with the family. Cathy investigates a man infected with a strain of the Ebola virus thought eradicated. It is revealed that six months before in Liberia, Suleiman and Ali had dug up the body of a person who died from the same strain.

7 “The Boy” Patricia Riggen Nazrin Choudhury & Nolan Dunbar August 31, 2018
Cathy is questioned about her Ebola report, and is furious to discover that Jack works for the CIA. Meanwhile, CIA officials debate on whether to capture Suleiman or kill him in an airstrike. Jack and Greer try to convince their superiors to settle on a covert ground assault to do the former, as well as extracting Hanin’s son, Samir. The CIA has learned about the hostage doctors, and US President Pickett approves the mission. JSOC forces storm the compound but find no sign of Suleiman; instead, they locate and rescue the physicians. As one of them, Dr. Daniel Nadler, is welcomed by his longtime friend Pickett, Jack and Greer realize that the doctors have been intentionally infected with the Ebola virus.

8 “Inshallah” Daniel Sackheim Carlton Cuse & Graham Roland August 31, 2018
Pickett, as well as other high-ranking government officials, are quarantined for exposure to Ebola. Suleiman arrives in the US with Samir to carry out another attack, this time a release of cesium into the ventilation system of Washington Memorial Hospital, where Pickett is being confined. Jack and Greer warn the Secret Service, and Jack chases Suleiman to a nearby train station and kills him before he can activate the device remotely. Jack and Greer later return Samir to Hanin. For stopping the terrorist attack, Greer is promoted to deputy station chief in Moscow, and Jack replaces him as head of T-FAD.


This Scenario (from Mar 12/19 on the Russian report) of Potential Mass Genetic Genocide is the Plot of a TV Series called Jack Ryan with Weaponized Ebola.